Baby Love: A Pinay’s Practical Guide to Pregnancy

Baby Love: A Pinay’s Practical Guide to Pregnancy
by Marivi Soliven Blanco and Ipat Luna

157 pages
ISBN - 9718280316

Description: This book will help you navigate your nine months of pregnancy—of clumsiness and bloat—with as much grace and humor as possible.

It covers the first through third trimesters, including breastfeeding and infant care, and offers sound advice on how to cope with a wide range of issues and problems that all mothers-to-be will face. Like how to handle pregnancy heebie-jeebies, how to help your partner become a father, how to build a sensible wardrobe while expecting, who to tell first, how to fly as a solo parent, and how to avoid naming your baby after Auntie Ipighenia, among many others.

Written in a breezy style with lots of outrageous humor, this guidebook is guaranteed to cheer you up while providing you with the essential information for a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

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