Be Your Own English Teacher! New Words

Be Your Own English Teacher! New Words
by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Ph.D., Thelma E. Arambulo, M.A., and April Yap, M.A.

102 pages
ISBN - 9718280332

Description: When someone calls you a dweeb, alpha geek, sheeple, unibrow, kidult, metrosexual, wuss, or candy-ass, are you being insulted or praised? Do you know what bling bling, FAQ, bogof, chick lit, diss, gaydar, swoosh, dick lit, photoaging, schmooze, and moblogging mean?

If some of these words are babble to you, then you need this booklet to learn the latest buzzwords in the rapidly evolving English language. To keep up with the times. To talk the talk. Read on.

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