Be Your Own English Teacher! Prepositions

Be Your Own English Teacher! Prepositions
by Maybelle Koch Guzman, B.S.E., A.M. and Lydia Rodriguez Arcellana, Ph.D.

133 pages
ISBN - 9718280278

Description: Learn English at your own pace. Here are practical, reader-friendly lessons, especially designed for Filipinos, complete with exercises (and the answers, so you can test yourself), that you can do for thirty minutes every day—or thirty minutes every week—while going to work or to school, at snack time, while doing housework, by yourself or with friends. English grammar isn’t as difficult as you think it is. It can even be fun! Become more competitive, more upwardly mobile here, and more qualified for jobs abroad. Increase your earning power both here and overseas. You’re on your way.

(More than 15,000 copies printed)

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