Holding Up Half the Sky: Success Stories in the Economic Empowerment of Women

Holding Up Half the Sky: Success Stories in the Economic Empowerment of Women
Edited by Herminia R. Fajardo and Erlinda E. Panlilio

142 pages
ISBN - 9718280065

Description: It is said that women hold up half the sky but that, alas, they often get much less than half of its manna. As a response to this global and seemingly timeless problem, the Zonta Foundation Phils. has compiled, in this book, a series of carefully documented cases of its successful projects to empower women economically in order to protect them from violence, from the violation of their human rights, and to redress the many social inequalities that they face in the Philippines.

Part One of this book presents several theoretical frameworks used by the Zonta Foundation Phils. for the economic empowerment of women. The frameworks are thoroughly and expertly explained by Dr. Herminia R. Fajardo and Dr. Paz H. Diaz, both of whom have spent many decades of their lives in working with disadvantaged women in the informal sector.

Part Two is comprised of detailed case studies of successful projects for the economic empowerment of disadvantaged females. The studies carefully analyze the peculiar circumstances of the major participants in each project and the processes, outputs and outcomes that took place. They also identify the factors that were behind the success of the projects in order to facilitate their replication in similar efforts in the future. Finally, they capture the heartwarming drama inherent in each project to empower women – the triumph of the extraordinary spirit of ordinary women against formidable obstacles, the inspiring tales of their victories over their unfortunate circumstances, and the stirring emotions they felt as they struggled for survival and development.

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