Sleepless in Manila: Funny Essays, Etc., on Insomnia

Sleepless in Manila: Funny Essays, Etc., on Insomnia by Insomniacs
Edited by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

134 pages
ISBN - 9718280243

Description: In this delightful compendium on insomnia, 38 fine Filipino writers—mostly young, many of them award-winning, a few writing from Montreal, San Francisco, Paris, and Singapore, and all insomniacs—describe their struggles with this affliction in hilarious essays, poems and stories. They also divulge the countless remedies for sleep disorders that they have tried, or simply imagined, with wildly different results; and the things they do when all is lost and insomnia has won the night. The rollicking humor is interspersed with carefully researched, indubitably useful, sometimes astounding nuggets of information like:

10-15% of the world’s population have severe chronic insomnia, and an additional 25-30% have transient or occasional insomnia.

In the past century, modern life, has reduced nightly sleep time by more than 20%.

You are more likely to get insomnia if you are female, over 60, unhealthy, depressed, divorced or widowed.

(Winner - 2004 National Book Awards)
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