by Michelle B. Meneses
110 pages
ISBN - 9789718280737

Milflores Publishing, Inc. has released “Floundering at 25: A Younglife Crisis” by Michelle B. Meneses.

Everyone has heard of the midlife crisis—that period of emotional turmoil in middle age characterized by a strong desire for change. Fewer have heard of the increasingly common quarterlife crisis that hits many young people in their mid-twenties. This used to be shrugged off as mere growing pains or youthful angst. But the mind-boggling complexity of modern technological life, and the endless choices it demands of us all, has caused increasing numbers of young people to experience a full-blown quarterlife crisis that is characterized by utter confusion, depression, high stress levels, indecisiveness, and insecurity.

For the first time in our country, a young writer has written a gripping personal account of her quarterlife crisis that sheds light on its many aspects and nuances—including problems at work, rapidly losing old friends and adjusting to new ones, confusing sexual experimentation, and searching for a mature faith that can sustain adulthood and its responsibilities.

“Floundering at 25” is written in a probing, reflective style that has some humor and is very readable. It is motivated by the desire to understand more deeply the quarterlife crisis and to share with others what the author has learned from her experience.

Michelle B. Meneses graduated from the Ateneo University with a degree in Management Information Systems. She is currently doing a PR and Marketing consultancy for a fashion retail brand. This is her first book.

Bernie Sim of designed the cover of “Floundering at 25” and Zenaida N. Ebalan did the layout.

The book is available at all National Book Store and PowerBooks branches, U.P. Press Book Store, Solidaridad, Popular, and other major book stores at P250.00 per copy.

Price: P250.00

Posted on April 7, 2009