ISBN - 9789718280812

111 pages

Milflores Publishing, Inc. has released "Pamhinta X: Mga Nagbabagang Sanaysay," a collection of hilarious and insightful essays in Filipino on gay life in the Philippines by Louie Cano.

Pamhinta is a street word that refers to a man who has discovered the mystery of love in the bosom of a fellow male, a man who is "pormang maton, pero pusong mamon." The word denotes a muscular guy who is into pumping iron in gyms until his face sprouts abs, who showers thrice a day, who likes books, likes Madonna, likes Malate, likes men, and likes life with considerable voracity, but who doesn't cross-dress, doesn't use makeup (well, maybe a little concealer and lipgloss), and who doesn't swing his hips (well, maybe just a bit).

The specificity of a pamhinta in the gay world provides a point of view for the author. It does not define the boundaries of his essays, which gaze unblinkingly on both the straight and gay worlds of Metro Manila and which capture their vibrant essences through colorful language that is sometimes acerbic, occasionally malicious, and always hilarious.

Louie Cano is also the author of the widely-read collection of essays in English on the gay life, "Brusko Pink, King Kong Barbies & Other Queer Files," the first dictionary of the colorful Filipino gayspeak, "Baklese: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary," and its sequel, "Baklese Dos," and a colorful collection of essays in Filipino on the gay world entitled "Masculadoll."

The cover of "Pamhinta X" is by Alvin Fadriquela and the book design is by Zenaida N. Ebalan.

"Pamhinta X" is available at all National Book Stores, PowerBooks, U.P. Press Bookstore, Popular Bookstore, and other major book stores at P250 per copy.

Price: P250.00 per copy
Posted on May 26, 2010