Cockfighting Stories

Cockfighting Stories
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

147 pages
ISBN - 9718280014

Description: In this remarkable collection of powerful short stories, Antonio A. Hidalgo goes straight for the jugular vein of our existence by writing about a wide variety of characters – ordinary, lowly cockpit kristos and farm boys, as well as their rich and powerful masters, a Japayuki and her masahista mother – who are all caught up in desperate situations where everything is at stake. He does not fool around in his fiction – he gazes without blinking at the pain and evanescent triumphs of our human existence and renders them with an explosive taut style that at times has a ribald humor, at other times a black humor, and that is always suffused with a deep compassion, sensitivity, irony, anger, and ultimately, a profound faith in our capacity to endure.

(Winner - 2000 NVM Gonzalez Memorial Literary Awards)

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