The Hilarious World of Nestor D

The Hilarious World of Nestor D
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

108 pages
ISBN – 971828009X

Description: The twelve hilarious stories in this book revolve around the misadventures of an imaginative, intellectual, dedicated, wealthy, wacky, and ill-fated sabungero called Nestor Divinagracia. Obsessed with becoming the greatest cockfighter in the whole world, he constantly conjures up the most elaborate and complicated schemes to conquer the world of sabong. He invariably fails in his quixotic quest and quaffs the bitter brew of defeat again and again without flinching. In fact, he generously shares the brew with his two Sancho Panzas, Oscar and Abet, and his Dulcinea--his beautiful, half-Dutch, second wife, Katrina Vandenburg.

Through side-splitting comedy and biting irony, Tony Hidalgo reflects the absurd elements of our social reality and plumbs the deeper intellectual, psychological and behavioral truths that are inherent in the Filipino human condition. These funny and insightful stories are among the most popular and widely read in the country today. They are offered as a complete series of interrelated stories for the first time in this book – the better to render the additional depth and meaning of the collection as a whole.

Hidalgo won prizes in the 2001 Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature and the 2000 N.V.M. Gonzalez National Awards for Literature for his stories. His stories have been anthologized in the Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction 2000 and the Aklat Likhaan ng Tula at Maikling Kuwento 1999 of the U.P. Creative Writing Center and the U.P. Press. His biography The Life, Times, and Thoughts of Don Pio Pedrosa, and a book he conceived and edited, The Milflores Guide to Philippine Shopping Malls, were nominated for the 2001 National Book Awards.

(Winner - 2003 Philippines Free Press Awards)
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