A Song for My Brother and Other Stories

A Song for My Brother and Other Stories
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

119 pages
ISBN - 9718280111

Description: In his fifth collection of stories, Antonio A. Hidalgo captures in words a large slice of Filipino life and renders it deeper meaning through remarkably imaginative fiction.

There are two brothers, bonded flesh to flesh, the successful one doomed to watch in agony while the other destroys himself and his family with shabu.

And a man who sells dreams in a mall who magically elevates the relationship of a wife and husband to new heights of love and understanding.

And Jesus Christ, cloned by a corporation for commercial purposes for his second coming.

And a lesbian forced into a loveless conventional marriage with a man.

And a student in an expensive private school who wants to save the soul of a pretty GRO.

And a compulsive gambler who drives his wife and daughter into prostitution.

And a simple farm worker, trapped by the clash of a gigantic social forces, who stakes his life to regain his humanity.

And many more fascinating characters and situations.

(Winner- 2001 Carlos Palanca Memorial Literary Awards)
(First Prize - 2002 NVM Gonzalez Memorial Literary Awards)
(Finalist - 2003 National Book Awards)

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