Four Plays/Apat na Dula

Four Plays/Apat na Dula
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

119 pages
ISBN – 9718280227

Description: This is the first book of plays of the award-winning and bilingual fictionist, Antonio A. Hidalgo.

In these plays, the author touches, once more, the very heart of what defines the Filipino condition by creating a rich variety of vivid characters drawn from the highest and lowest levels of our society. He molds them with a deep understanding of the nuances of human motivation and fleshes them out with a lively, at times ribald, humor.

His original plots, at once elegantly simple and suffused with inevitable complications, effectively render the inherent drama in our lives through a powerful style that does not blink. And, almost imperceptibly, he imbues each play with a subtle social and political dimension that reflects his mature world view that was formed over a lifetime of important and interesting work in the Philippines and abroad.

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