A Kadre’s Road to Damascus: The Ruben Torres Story

A Kadre’s Road to Damascus: The Ruben Torres Story
by Nick Joaquin

148 pages
ISBN - 97182880189

Description: A Kadre’s Road to Damascus is a long, winding one with many unexpected twists and turns that lead to the rarefied heights of intellectualism, the underground of hunted revolutionaries, the world of love and family, and if one is very good and very brave, and perhaps very lucky, back to the very center of mainstream political power.

National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin tells the compelling story of Ruben Torres, sometime senior communist revolutionary, sometime lover and devoted family man, sometime Secretary of Labor under President Cory Aquino, sometime Executive Secretary under President Fidel V. Ramos, twice a senatorial candidate, and currently a Congressman for Zambales. In doing so, he creates literature that is at once a novel, history, biography, new journalism, and intellectual essay that cuts to the core of our recent past and captures in words the swirling windstorms of history that continue to shape our country and people.

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