The Life, Times, and Thoughts of Don Pio Pedrosa

The Life, Times, and Thoughts of Don Pio Pedrosa
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

154 pages
ISBN - 97182880030

Description: Don Pio Pedrosa earned his honorific title by virtue of the nobility of his character, his considerable achievements, his service to the nation and his exemplary behavior throughout his long and full life. He surmounted his humble origins in Palo, Leyte, and the death of his father and mother while he was still in high school, to build a brilliant record as a compleat civil servant through a career that spanned 33 years. Starting as a clerk in the Commonwealth period, he worked his way up to become the Budget Commissioner under President Manuel L. Quezon; the Budget Commissioner under President Manuel A. Roxas; and Finance Secretary, Chairman of the Monetary Board , Chairman of the National Economic Council, and President of the Philippine National Bank under President Elpidio R. Quirino.

After retiring from the government service, Pio became a pillar of the private sector for 31 years, serving as President of the Prudential Bank for most of this period and as a director on the boards of numerous large corporations. He was active in charities, religious organizations and civic organizations. He also carved out a unique role for himself as a kind of roving ombudsman, speaking out on issues of national importance through his remarkable speeches, many of which remain relevant today.

He achieved all these while bringing up, with his lifelong partner, Luisa Acebedo, a large family of six sons and three daughters.

The Pedrosa family commissioned the political economist and fictionist, Antonio A. Hidalgo to write this unique biography which recreates the life of Don Pio, the historical currents of his times, analyzes his most important speeches, and, finally carries on a dialogue with the late Don Pio on national issues which have spanned many decades.

Hidalgo has written ten books, including a collection of essays on development and a collection of short stories. He served in the cabinet of former President Fidel V. Ramos as Secretary General of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council. He was a senior international official of the United Nations Children’s Fund for 15 years and was a UNICEF Representative to Burma and to South Korea, where he received a state decoration for his important contributions to Korea’s social development. He was a daily columnist for Money Asia, a staff writer of the Graphic magazine, and is a member of the U.P. Writers Club. He is the founder of Milflores Publishing, Inc.

(Finalist - 2000 National Book Awards)

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