Sabong: A Manual for Breeding and Fighting Cocks

Sabong: A Manual for Breeding and Fighting Cocks
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

78 pages
ISBN - 9712702847

Description: This book has been described by Ramon Mitra as the “bible the sport of cockfighting needs.” It is the first in the best-selling series of cockfighting books by the same author which includes Professional Cockfighting (1994), Sabong (in Filipino) (1995), and Cockfighting Secrets (1996).

Although cockfighting is the national sport in the Philippines, there is a great dearth of information on it. Antonio A. Hidalgo is the only professional breeder and cocker in the country to have shared valuable secrets on all aspects of the sport through his books. The information he provides is based on his many years of experience in breeding and fighting his strain of game fowl as the owner of Magiting Game Farm. The Magiting game fowl garnered an impressive string of championships in derbies in Metro Manila, Bulacan, and Nueva Ecija.
(More than 30,000 copies printed)

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