Professional Cockfighting

Professional Cockfighting
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

67 pages
ISBN - 9712703401

Description: Professional Cockfighting is the second volume in Antonio A. Hidalgo’s best-selling series of cockfighting books, which includes Sabong: A Manual (in English) (1993), Sabong: Isang Manwal (in Filipino) (1995), and Cockfighting Secrets (1996). Tony has also written a collection of essays on development – The Asian Traveller (1996).

Antonio A. Hidalgo owned Magiting Game Farm and bred and fought his strain of game fowl for many years in derbies in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and occasionally in Davao City and Tacloban, Leyte. The Magiting fowl have won dozens of derby championships through the years.

(More than 20,000 copies printed)

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