Cockfighting Secrets

Cockfighting Secrets
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

86 pages
ISBN - 9712704890

Description: Cockfighting Secrets is the fourth book of the bestselling series by Antonio A. Hidalgo which include Sabong (1993), Professional Cockfighting (1994), and his own translation of his first book, Sabong: Manwal sa Pagpapalahi at Paglalaban ng mga Tinali (1995). Tony has also written a book of essays on development, The Asian Traveller.

Cockfighting Secrets consists of articles on specific topics which further flesh out his theory on cockfighting and breeding gamefowl.

This book also features humorous, magical tales which evoke the folk beliefs and other aspects of the sport. Some of these short stories have been published in Money Asia, Fightingcock Magazine, Philippine Graphic and Philippines Free Press. “The Deadliest Tari” was shortlisted in the 1995 Graphic annual awards for fiction.
(More than 15,000 copies printed)

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