Travesia Tips and Cockpit Stories

Travesia Tips and Cockpit Stories
by Antonio A. Hidalgo

71 pages
ISBN - 9718280073

Description: In his last book on cockfighting, Tony Hidalgo shares his knowledge of, and lifelong experience in, travesia – the art of betting on cockfights. Despite the fact that travesia is the most important aspect of cockfighting in the Philippines because it has the largest number of followers, nothing has hitherto been written on it. Hidalgo has now filled this glaring gap by documenting travesia practices and conventions for the beginner – from the range of betting odds, or logro, in the cockpits, and the hand signals used to signify them, to the functions of the cristos. He also shares his insightful betting strategies with the experienced bettor – strategies that are based on selecting winning cocks, discovering winning patterns, or reglas, and managing funds.

This book also contains six hilarious and ironic short stories revolving around the wacky central character of Nestor Divinagracia – the world’s unique cocker. They are a sequel to the bestselling series of six Nestor stories in Cockfighting Secrets and its Filipino trasnslation, Mga Sekreto sa Pagsasabong. These stories have entered the popular culture in the cockpits, with Nestor as the sabong equivalent of the Juan Tamad of an earlier generation, and are among the best-read fiction in the country today.

With this book, Hidalgo has now written on all the major facets of our national game of sabong in the inimitably limpid and fluid style that he uses to express his formidable analytical and creative ideas. It is a fitting final volume in a sabong series of nine books that Hidalgo started in 1992 and completed nine years later.
(Winner 2003 Phil. Free Press Literary Awards)

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