Mini-Reviews from “Day of Books”

Several Milflores titles were featured in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine's annual summer reading issue on March 30, 2008. Below are the mini-reviews from the feature article, "Day of Books":

Mga Kwentong Paspasan
Vicente Garcia Groyon, Patnugot

Which only goes to show that a few well-chosen words can cobble together characters, plot and vision in two interesting pages or less, leaving readers enough time to ponder the gems they’ve just plucked. Most of the stories are written by young people, apparently for young folk with short attention span and familiarity with the cool slang of this SMS age. Best picks: “Moses” by Ed Maranan, “Cool Off” by JLS Esguerra, and “Unang Komunyon” by Axel Pinpin. – Pennie Azarcon-dela Cruz

Much I Do About Nothing: Zany Interviews of an Anullment Lawyer with Spouses of Superheroes
By Atty. Onnie Martin

A novel and clever idea. The author, a lawyer who used to work on marriage cases in the Office of the Solicitor General and was scriptwriter for that TV comedy series, “Mongolian Barbecue,” uses puns, double entendres, and witty retorts in imagined interviews with the wives of dysfunctional superheroes to bring out their marital problems. Now that he has your full attention, he then quotes the legal remedies to address questions on the nullity of marriages, legal separation and annulment. Inititally riveting, the formula starts to pall by the third chapter and one wishes that the author had instead taken the time to explain the legal provisions sneaked into the ribald dialogues that one learns to skip and ignore after a while. – PAC

OhMyGosh! The Incredible Lightness of Being Burgis!
by April Timbol Yap

A perfect read when you’re toasting at the pre-departure lounge, waiting for that boarding call that never comes. You’ll at least realize that life is an equal-opportunity dispenser of petty annoyances. Why, the author had a lion’s share of them—the social graces of a frog, the communal toilet shared with Europe’s Great Unwashed, feeling ancient while recalling that perpetual costume party otherwise known as the Eighties, keeping that killer’s instinct in check when dealing with know-it-all car mechanics and crafty traffic officers, and so on. Not quite Paris Hilton changing a baby’s diapers, but enough room to snicker and feel smug about. – PAC

Tales of Enchantment and Fantasy
Edited by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

It’s a tightly-edited, well-chosen buffet of 20 tales from talented Filipino writers. Consisting of modern day ghost stories to futurist fiction, it’s a fun and fascinating appetizer of what our young writers can do. An enjoyable read on many levels and leaves one hungry for more. More please! – Leica R. Carpo

Sawi: Funny Essays, Stories and Poems on All Kinds of Heartbreaks
edited by Ada J. Loredo, BJ A. Patino and Rica Bolipata-Santos

In the introduction, Loredo describes her struggle with a congenial heart defect before moving on to discuss the many ways the heart can be wounded beyond the physical. This entertaining and highly recommended anthology, already equipped with an impressive selection of sharp voices, hits all the notes from sardonic to sympathetic, from sad to suspect, in two languages, and in poetry, fiction, and essay, genuinely having something for everybody. - Ruel S. De Vera
The full article can be read at the SIM website.

Posted on April 12, 2008