Baklese Dos

by Louie Cano
46 pages
ISBN - 9789718280683

Milflores Publishing, Inc. has released “Baklese Dos: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary,” compiled by Louie Cano.

This is the long-awaited sequel, by the same author, to “Baklese: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary,” which was the first dictionary of the colorful and imaginative Pinoy gayspeak. All the words in “Baklese Dos” are new and are not contained in the first volume. This is an indication of how quickly Filipino gayspeak is evolving.

“Baklese Dos” is both informative and entertaining. Its malicious humor tags a senior citizen as “tanderbolt lightning” and a “Wrangler with zipper.” “Baget,” a standard word in street Filipino, is given a new twist to mean “bakit?”. The English word, dilemma, means “madilim”, and “flower” means “tanga, engot”.

Irony turns “award-winning” to mean “napagalitan”, and “bombilya” to mean “tanga”. Whimsy makes the skin disease “buni” into “Boni Avenue” and “Botswana” into “boots”.

This update on Pinoy gayspeak is a must read for gays, straights, and those in-between of all ages.

The cover is by John Hoben B. Barrameda and the book design is by Zenaida N. Ebalan.

“Baklese Dos” is available at all National Book Stores, PowerBooks, and other major book stores at P95 per copy.
Price: PhP 95.00

Posted on November 24, 2008