“English Idioms”
by Les McGaw
35 pages
ISBN - 9789718280690

Milflores Publishing, Inc. has released “Be Your Own English Teacher! Idioms” by Les McGaw, M.A.

Fluency in English requires familiarity with its idioms—the peculiar usage of English phrases that cannot be deduced from its individual elements. In this booklet, an expert explains the meanings of many types of English idioms and gives examples of how to use them correctly. He also provides self-learning exercises, along with the answers, to help the reader.

Les McGaw has taught English for over 25 years in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Thailand. He taught at the English Department of Silliman University in the Philippines in 1998-2001. He currently resides in Thailand, where he teaches English.

This is the twelfth volume in the Milflores English Series that provides affordable self-learning manuals by experts for Filipinos who need to improve their English skills to get better jobs here and abroad. The previous titles cover nouns and pronouns, punctuation, prepositions, business writing, grammar review, new words, modifiers, verbs, spelling, oral communication, and confusing English words.

Mikey Pantoja and Zenaida N. Ebalan designed the cover of “Idioms” and Zenaida N. Ebalan did the layout.

“Be Your Own English Teacher! Idioms” is available at all National Book Stores, PowerBooks, and other major book stores at P95.00 per copy.

Price: PhP 95.00

Posted on March 4, 2009