New Milflores Release

HYPERTENSION AMONG THE YOUNG by Dr. Adrian Paul JU. Rabe, Dr. Celito A. Tamban, and Dr. Agnes D. Mejia

24 pages

ISBN - 9789718280850

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be elderly to suffer from hypertension (or what is ordinarily referred to as "high blood"). In the Philippines, 19% of adults, age 20 to 39 years, have pre-hypertension, and 13% have  hypertension.

In this booklet, which is part of the popular Miflores Health Series and has Dr. Agnes D. Mejia as Series Editor, leading medical experts from UP-PGH offer simple, easy-to-follow information regarding its diagnosis, causes, types, treatments, and preventive measures.

The booklet's illustrations are by Matthew Jose Fisher and Niko Angelo Rabe.

Dr. Adrian Paul Rabe is a graduate of the 7-year program, Integrated Liberal Arts in Medicine (Intramed), which combines a B.S. Basic Medical Science degree with a Doctor of Medicine, at UP Manila.He has completed his residency in Internal Medicine and is planning to pursue a career in teaching.

Dr. Celito Tamban is a B.S. Biology and a Doctor of Medicine from the University of the East, magna cum laude, was UE's Most Outstanding Post-graduate Intern in Medicine, and has completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the UP-PGH.

Dr. Agnes Dominguez Mejia has a B.S. Pr Med,  cum laude, from UP Diliman, and a Doctor in Medicine from the UP College of Medicine. She did a 3-year fellowship in Nephrology at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and a 3-year fellowship in Hypertension at the University of Michigan Medical Center. She is currently Chair of the UP-PGH Deparatment of Medicine. 

"Hypertension Among the Young" is available at all National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches, in the UP Press Bookstore, Solidaridad, Popular, and other bookstores.

Price: P120 per copy

Posted on July 21, 2011