Selected Milflores Publishing titles are now available e-books through a partnership with Flipside Digital  Content Publishing, Inc.

Here are the Milflores ebooks already available on the Amazon Kindle Store (Click on the titles of the books below to view their Amazon page):

You may like the Flipside Digital Content page on Facebook too. Please help us promote our e-books by telling friends, colleagues, as well as your online and offline social networks about it.

You may read these e-books, even without a Kindle device, by downloading the Kindle "app" (software/program) and installing it on your computer (Mac, Windows), iPad, Android device, etc.

If you like what you purchase,  we hope you'll review it on Amazon, and spread the word to your  Facebook friends. These e-books have also been uploaded to and will be available on Apple iTunes iBookstore after about 14 days.

Please check out this site regularly for updates.

We in Milflores thank our authors for their willingness to take this exciting new step with us. Congratulations!

We would also like to thank FRANCIS M. QUINA, for all the help extended to Milflores, and whose first book we are eagerly anticipating.

Posted on September 30, 2011, updated on October 27, 2011.